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This site is for parents and carers of young people with hydrocephalus. It may also be of use to adults with hydrocephalus, teachers and support workers. It tells you what hydrocephalus is and how it can make life harder. We have used everyday situations as examples to help provide hints and tips that can make life easier. You can also find out about how hydrocephalus might change what happens in the brain.

About hydrocephalus

Find out what hydrocephalus is and why it occurs. You can find information about different types of hydrocephalus, who is affected and how it is treated.

Living with hydrocephalus

Find links to everyday problems that people find stressful and hard to deal with. We have used real life examples to give you some ideas to help make daily life easier for you and your child.

Hydrocephalus and the brain

A condition like hydrocephalus can change the way the brain works. This section tells you more about what happens in the brain and how it controls the way we think and act.

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